Standardization Unleashed: How Costco Wholesale’s Bold New #Packaging Guidelines Put the Spotlight Back on Products!

March 27, 2024

🛒 Costco’s new packaging guidelines emphasize a “product-first” approach, avoiding large brand billboards on packaging.

🚫 The push for a no-frills shopping experience aligns with Costco’s ethos, moving away from flashy marketing displays.

✅ Guidelines were developed in collaboration with Costco buyers, under direct oversight from a Senior Vice President.

📦 Specifics include:Standardized Take To Register (TTR) card size: 10”W x 15”H.
– Uniform and modular tray design for consistency.
– Products must be accessible from three sides.
– New butterfly skirt construction for display stands.
– Requirement of three fillers to maintain the display’s shape.

🔄 These standards reflect a shift towards simplification and efficiency in Costco’s product presentation.

❗ Exceptions exist, and consultation with Costco buyers is advised for specific approvals. The Costco Packaging Guys is another great resource to help navigate Club packaging!