Costco’s Packaging: Pros and Cons for Sustainability Experts

May 31, 2024

Costco’s Packaging: Pros and Cons for Sustainability Experts

Pros of Costco’s Packaging

  1. Theft Prevention: Larger packaging helps deter theft, ensuring products remain on shelves.
  2. Marketing Space: Ample packaging provides more room for brand messaging and product details.
  3. Display Efficiency: Costco’s packaging is designed to optimize display and manage inventory effectively.
  4. Sustainable Materials: Costco’s had required the use of sustainable materials, PCR content in plastic, reusable pallets, and other innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact.

Cons of Costco’s Packaging

  1. Environmental Impact: Excessive packaging contributes to packaging waste.
  2. Consumer Frustration: Oversized packaging can be seen as wasteful and inconvenient.
  3. Resource Use: More packaging means higher use of materials, leading to greater environmental footprint.

Solutions from Berkley

Sustainable Materials:

  • Use recyclable and biodegradable options to reduce waste. We have a patent on a PLASTIC FREE packaging solution!!!

Optimized Design:

  • Create packaging that maintains effectiveness while minimizing bulk.


  • Work with experts to balance Costco’s requirements with sustainability goals.