Is Costco requiring EDI and ASNs now?

March 28, 2024

Is Costco requiring EDI and ASNs now? short answer is YES.

Woah…this is quite a change from the simple days of shipping into Costco.

Exciting changes are on the horizon at Costco, aimed at enhancing efficiency and supply chain management through advanced electronic order fulfillment. This initiative is a step forward in streamlining operations, improving product tracking, and ensuring faster delivery times to meet customer expectations more effectively.

Costco, in collaboration with SPS Commerce, is introducing new requirements for electronic data interchange (EDI) to facilitate these improvements.

As your trusted partner, Berkley is excited to share significant updates regarding our ongoing collaboration with Costco, facilitated through our partnership with SPS Commerce. These changes represent a transformative step in enhancing our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities, setting a new standard in the efficiency and transparency of our supply chain operations.

This evolution in our business processes is monumental compared to our current methodologies. As we transition to these new EDI requirements, we are embracing a shift that promises to streamline our operations, improve order visibility, expedite payment processes, and ensure compliance with critical food traceability regulations. This is a substantial leap forward in our quest to provide unmatched service to our customers and maintain our competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape.

Given the breadth of these changes, it’s imperative to recognize the time and preparation needed to integrate these EDI enhancements into our daily operations effectively. This is not a minor adjustment but a significant overhaul requiring thoughtful planning, dedication, and patience from all involved.

To facilitate this transition, Costco has provided a selection of solutions through SPS Commerce that cater to the varied needs of their suppliers, including Berkley. Whether you’re new to EDI or need to upgrade your existing system to meet these new standards, the options available are designed to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Fulfillment Service: Ideal for those currently without an EDI system or whose existing system does not meet Costco’s new business needs. This service offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your setup process.

  2. Testing & Certification Service: Tailored for partners already equipped with an EDI solution or utilizing a third-party provider, ensuring that your system aligns with Costco’s updated requirements.

The motive behind these extensive updates is clear: to elevate our operational efficiency, minimize payment discrepancies, and achieve a seamless flow within our supply chain. This ensures faster product delivery to customers and adherence to compliance standards.

Important Timelines:

  • Consultation Phase: We encourage you to engage with SPS Commerce as soon as possible to fully understand the upcoming changes and determine the best solution for your needs before the decision deadline on March 15, 2024.
  • Implementation Phase: Aim to have your business systems certified and prepared for production by June 3, 2024. Assistance is available through SPS Commerce to guide you through this process, regardless of the chosen solution.
  • Production Phase: We are committed to developing a strategy that ensures a seamless transition into production, allowing us to collectively benefit from these improvements.

We understand the magnitude of this transition and are committed to supporting each of you through this process. The success of this initiative requires our collective effort, engagement, and commitment to adapt. Berkley is here to guide, support, and collaborate with you at every step, ensuring a smooth transition that aligns with Costco’s new supply chain requirements.

Together, let’s embrace this opportunity to innovate, improve, and continue delivering excellence to our customers and partners.



SPS Commerce’s Fulfillment service is an excellent solution if you do not have an EDI system in place today, or if you are unable to meet our business needs through your current EDI service.




The SPS Commerce testing service allows you to meet our business requirements using your existing EDI solution or third party provider.