📦 Costco Wholesale Packaging 101: Underhang and Overhang 📦

March 27, 2024

📦 Costco Wholesale Packaging 101: Underhang and Overhang 📦

💰 Avoid Charge Backs: Non-compliant packaging could lead to a costly 2% charge back. Let’s steer clear of that.

📐 Precision Matters: Ensure your packaging is just right – 47.5″ x 39.5″, fitting snugly on Costco’s pallets without overhang or excessive underhang.

🚫 Zero Overhang Allowed: Overhang = damage and a 40% loss in strength. Not on our watch.

⚖️ Minimal Underhang: Keep it tight to avoid shifts and suboptimal presentation.
Our goal? Design smart, package smarter. Perfectly compliant packaging leads to smoother operations and better visibility on Costco’s shelves.

🔄 Efficiency is Key: With Costco’s “No Touch” policy, your packaging needs to seamlessly fit into their system. Aim for zero additional handling to dodge damage and extra fees.

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